When someone comes to our homes or work centers, it is very common for them to ask us for the password to the WiFi network. The idea that someone can go and look at the back (or bottom, depending on the company and manufacturer) of your router, insert it in their phones and have their device connect to our network is always there, but it is very cumbersome. ; a lot of steps that we can save perfectly. We are going to give you the least headache methods to share your WiFi passwords with Android.

Share the WiFi Key With Android

Share your Wifi key with WhatsApp

If you have the credentials saved in your terminal, it is as easy as sending this data to whoever asks for it through apps like WhatsApp or Telegram; it is the most obvious option. To do this, go to where you have your credentials and copy them. Then go to the messaging application where you have that person, click on a conversation and access it. Finally, do a long press on the text field until the “paste” command appears.

If you click on it, the access credentials to your wireless network will be pasted into the conversation. Click on the send button and voila, it will be enough.

Share your Wifi password with a QR code

Android 10 allows you to share the access credentials to your WiFi network with a QR code, which the guest will have to scan with their terminal. First, go to Settings> Network and Internet> WiFi

share wifi pasword with QR code

  • There, tap on your network to access its details. On the screen that you will see, click on Share:
    With this option, a QR code will be automatically generated with your network data
  • It is worth mentioning that some ROMs from other manufacturers already have this function as standard from Android 9. If you have, for example, a Xiaomi terminal, go to the route Settings> WiFi. You will see the following on the screen
  • If you click on the network to which you are connected, a QR code like this one that you will see below will appear
  • If a user wants to connect to your network and has a QR code reader on their terminal, it will be as easy as using it to scan yours and automatically connect to your network. We recommend QR Scanner, which within its sector is quite complete and works well.
  • Finally, if you neither have a phone that is not updated to Android 10 nor does it offer you the possibility of generating a QR code with its standard options, you can use QR Scanner again to create a code with which to share your network.

To generate a QR code, open the application and click on the Generator tab

  • When you do, a menu screen will appear, with different options. Scroll the menu to the left to reveal the QR code generator for WiFi networks and click on it
  • When you have pressed it, enter the credentials of your network and click on Create
  • Below you will see the QR code, which you can save in your terminal or share
  • As you can see, it does not have any difficulty to share your wireless network if you have the necessary elements in your hands.